Fix other file systems and general search techniques

Use the find command with the -size flag to locate large files or, if the file system recently overflowed, use the -newer flag to find recently modified files.

To produce a file for the -newer flag to find against, use the following touch command:
touch mmddhhmm filename 

Where mm is the month, dd is the date, hh is the hour in 24–hour format, mm is the minute, and filename is the name of the file you are creating with the touch command.

After you have created the touched file, you can use the following command to find newer large files:
find /filesystem_name -xdev -newer touch_filename -ls
You can also use the find command to locate files that have been changed in the last 24 hours, as shown in the following example:
find /filesystem_name -xdev -mtime 0 -ls