Ranges of messages

Use the h subcommand to view a message contained within a list of messages that you determine so that you do not have to browse through all your messages.

At your mailbox prompt, you can use the h subcommand in the ways shown in the following examples:

Item Description
h Approximately 20 messages are displayed at a time. The actual number displayed is determined by the type of terminal being used and the set screen option in your .mailrc file. If you enter the h subcommand again, the same range of messages is displayed.
h 21 Message 21 and subsequent messages, up to and including message 40 (if you have that number of messages in your mailbox), are displayed. Continue typing the h subcommand with the subsequent message number until all messages have been displayed.
h 1 To return to the first group of 20 messages, enter any number within the range of 1-20.