Using the NIM takeover operation

The takeover operation allows a machine that is configured as an alternate_master to take control of the NIM environment.

The alternate master attempts to become the current master of each client defined in its database by updating each client's /etc/niminfo file. This operation also attempts to update the database on the target alternate_master.

The command line syntax for the takeover operation is as follows:
nim [-F] -o takeover -a Attribute=Value ... TargetName

The target of a takeover operation must be an alternate_master.

The following are optional attributes that can be specified for the takeover operation:
Item Description
-a verbose=Value Displays information for debugging. Valid values are 1-5. Use verbose=5 to show maximum detail. The default is to show no debugging output.
-a show_progress [yes | no] Indicates whether status should be displayed as the operation is performed. The default value is show_progress=yes.
-a async= [yes | no] If this attribute is set to "yes", then the clients will be updated with the new master information asynchronously. The default is to run this command asynchronously.
-F Specifies that NIM should force the operation. Use the force operation if the database on the alternate_master should be overwritten.
Note: Thetakeover operation has no required attributes.