Using the NIM lppchk operation

Use the lppchk operation to verify that software was installed successfully by running the lppchk command on a NIM client or SPOT resource.

The command line syntax for the lppchk operation is as follows:
nim -o lppchk -a Attribute=Value ... TargetName |TargetNames

The target of a lppchk operation can be any standalone NIM client, a group of standalone NIM clients, or a SPOT resource.

The following are optional attributes that can be specified for the lppchk operation:

Item Description
-a async=Value Specifies whether NIM should perform operations on group members asynchronously and not wait for the operation to complete on one member before beginning the operation on the next. The default value is async=yes.
-a filesets=Value Specifies a list of filesets on the target on which the lppchk operation will be performed.
-a lppchk_flags=Value Tells the lppchk command how to perform software verification.
-a show_progress=Value Indicates whether status should be displayed as the operation is performed. The default value is show_progress=yes.
-a verbose=Value Displays information for debugging. Valid values are 1-5. Use verbose=5 to show maximum detail. The default is to show no debugging output.
Note: There are no required attributes for the lppchk operation.