Using the NIM deallocate operation

Use the deallocate operation to unlock and unexport resources when they are no longer needed by NIM clients.

It is generally unnecessary to perform explicit deallocations after NIM operations, because upon successful completion, operations will automatically deallocate resources from the clients.

The command line syntax for the deallocate operation is as follows:
nim -o deallocate -a ResourceType=ResourceName ... -a subclass=all TargetName |TargetNames

The target of a deallocate operation may be a NIM client or group of NIM clients.

The following list includes all the attributes that can be specified for the deallocate operation:

Item Description
  -a ResourceType=ResourceName Specifies the resource to deallocate from the client, for example, lpp_source=42_images. This attribute is required.
  -a subclass=all Specifies that all resources should be deallocated from the target. This attribute is optional.

When a resource is deallocated from a client, the /etc/exports file on the resource server is modified to unexport the resource from the client. The allocation count for the resource is also decremented.