Verifying installation with the lppchk operation from the command line

Follow this procedure for verifying installation with the lppchk operation from the command line.

Enter the following command:
nim -o lppchk -a filesets=FilesetName \
-a lppchk_flags="lppchkFlags" ObjectName

where FilesetName is the name of a single fileset (or a name with the * wildcard character), and ObjectName is the name of the machine or SPOT which is the target of the lppchk operation. Valid lppchk_flags are defined as follows:

Item Description
  -f Fast check (file existence, file length)
  -c Checksum verification
  -v Fileset version consistency check (default)
  -l File link verification
Note: Only one of the flags -f, -c, -v, or -l may be specified.
  -u Update inventory (only valid with -c or -l)
  -mn Controls detail of messages. n equals 1 to 3, where 3 is the most verbose.
For example, to perform the lppchk operation while verifying checksums for all filesets on the machine named Standalone1, enter the following:
nim -o lppchk -a lppchk_flags="-c" Standalone1