Using the boot_client attribute

When assigned a value of no, the boot_client attribute is used to instruct NIM not to attempt to initiate the BOS installation on the target machine after setting up the installation with the bos_inst operation. This allows a BOS installation to be set up while deferring the actual installation until the client is rebooted at a later time.

Also, if the client is not a running machine, this attribute will avoid waiting for the reboot attempt to time-out or fail. If the installation of the client system is going to be initiated later from the server, the normal mode boot device list on the client must be set so that a network boot is attempted when the client is rebooted. No attempt is made to modify the boot list when boot_client is set to no unless the force_push or set_bootlist attributes are specified and set to a value of yes. The boot_client attribute is set to no by setting Initiate Boot Operation on Client to no when using SMIT to perform the bos_inst operation.