Operating system management

System administrators and users can learn how to perform such tasks as running commands, handling processes, handling files and directories, backing up and restoring the system, managing physical and logical storage, and basic printing.

Other topics useful to users and system administrators include creating and re-sizing paging space, managing virtual memory, backing up and restoring the system, managing hardware and pseudo devices, using the System Resource Controller (SRC), securing files, using storage media, customizing environment files, and writing shell scripts. This topic is also available on the documentation CD that is shipped with the operating system.

Operating system management is the task of an individual who is usually referred to, in UNIX literature, as the system administrator. Unfortunately, only a few system administrator activities are straightforward enough to be correctly called administration. This and related guides are intended to help system administrators with their numerous duties.

This operating system provides its own particular version of system-management support in order to promote ease of use and to improve security and integrity.