Viewing installation, configuration, and boot logs

After installing a standalone machine, use the showlog operation to check the installation results by viewing the installation, boot, and configuration logs. You can view these logs from the SMIT, or the command line.

One of several log types can be viewed by specifying one of the following as the value of the log_type attribute to the showlog operation:

Item Description
  devinst Output from the installation of key system and device-driver software
  niminst Output from the installation of user-specified software (including installation of NIM client software during a bos_inst operation)
  bosinst Output from the BOS installation program
  boot The machine's boot log
  lppchk A log of the output from the lppchk operation executed on a standalone NIM client
  script Output from any configuration script resources allocated for a bos_inst operation
  nimerr Errors encountered during execution of the nim command.

By default, the showlog operation applied to a standalone machine displays the niminst log and shows the output logged when software was last installed on the machine using NIM. The last entry is also shown by default for the script and lppchk logs. The entire contents of the niminst, script, and lppchk logs can be displayed by assigning the full_log attribute a value of yes when executing the showlog operation. The entire log is shown for all other log types.