Using the nimdef command

The nimdef command assists administrators when defining complex NIM environments and adding large numbers of client machines.

The nimdef command also solves a common usability problem when defining large NIM environments.

Regardless of how well a NIM environment is understood, it can be a very time-consuming process to execute all the commands necessary to define it. If NIM could process a simple definition file for configuration of the NIM environment, a great deal of time could be saved that would otherwise be spent defining each network and machine manually.

The nimdef command reads a definition file for input. The definition file is in a structured stanza format. Each stanza describes a machine that will be added to the NIM environment. Included in the stanza is information about the machine's network adapter and routing configuration. Based on the supplied information, the nimdef command can determine the remaining information needed to define both networks and machines in the NIM environment.

For more information, see the nimdef command. For a sample definition file for the nimdef command, see Using network installation files.