Re-creating SPOT resources from existing directories

Defining NIM resources from existing files and directories can usually be done by specifying the server and location attributes to the nim - o define command. SPOT resources take longer to define because software must be installed from installation images into the SPOT location.

The nim -o command line interface always builds a SPOT from installation images. However, if a directory structure for a SPOT already exists from a prior creation, it is possible to call a NIM method directly to redefine the SPOT without reinstalling all the software.

The need to define a SPOT from an existing SPOT directory typically arises only when it is necessary to rebuild the NIM database during system recovery.

To define a SPOT from a directory that previously had a SPOT installed in it, use the following command:
/usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_mkspot -o -a server=server \ 
-a location=location -a source=no  spotname


A SPOT named spot1 was created on the NIM master in the /export/spot directory. Later, the NIM database became corrupted and has to be rebuilt. The SPOT files are still on the machine, but the SPOT must be redefined to NIM using the following command:
/usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_mkspot -o -a server=master \
 -a location=/export/spot -a source=no spot1