Defining /usr versus non-/usr SPOTs

A SPOT resource contains operating system files that are normally installed in the /usr file system of a machine. If disk space is limited on a machine or a SPOT must be created quickly, it may be helpful to convert the machine's /usr file system to a SPOT instead of creating an entirely separate SPOT at a different location.

If the /usr file system of a machine is converted to a SPOT, additional software will be installed on the machine to provide support for machines with different hardware configurations. Most of the operating system files will already be installed on the system and will not be reinstalled when the SPOT is created.

After a /usr file system is converted to a SPOT, all software installation and maintenance operations on the machine should be performed using NIM on the /usr SPOT resource that was created. This will ensure that all necessary SPOT operations are performed in addition to software installation or maintenance on the machine.