Configuring the NIM master and creating basic installation resources

You can configure the NIM master, create the minimum basic installation resources required to install NIM client machines, and manage the resources for diskless and dataless clients with SMIT, or the command line.

  1. Using an AIX® Version 5 or Version 6 or Version 7 lpp_source to install filesets on an AIX Version 4 client through NIM, is not supported. If installing Version 5 or Version 6 or Version 7 filesets on a Version 4 system is necessary, the user can NFS export the lpp_source, mount it on the client, and then use the installp command or geninstall command to perform the installation procedures.
  2. This procedure produces a large amount of output, especially when creating the SPOT resource. Be sure to scan through the output to look for nonfatal errors and warnings that may not be evident from a successful return code.


The NIM master must have at least 1 GB of available disk space. If such space is not available, see Using client machines as resource servers, and Defining an lpp_source on DVD-ROM versus hard disk.