Converting a generic network into an ATM network

You can convert generic networks into ATM networks.


  • Machines that will have the BOS installed over ATM must be running and configured NIM clients.
    Note: Configured NIM clients have the bos.sysmgt.nim.client fileset installed, are registered in the NIM master database, and have a valid /etc/niminfo file.
  • BOS installations over ATM adapters will always use the at0 interface on the client.

Prior to the support of BOS installations over ATM, it was necessary to define ATM networks as "generic" networks for performing other types of NIM operations. To convert generic networks into ATM networks, enter the following command:

nim -o change -a new_type=atm (network)

The adapter names for the client interfaces on the ATM network will automatically be set to at0 in the NIM database.

To change the name of the network, type the following:

nim -o change -a new_name=new_network_name current_network_name