nim_master_setup Command


Initializes the Network Installation Management (NIM) master fileset, configures the NIM master, and creates the required resources for installation.


nim_master_setup [ -a [ mk_resource={yes|no}] [ file_system=fs_name ] [ volume_group=vg_name ] [ disk=disk_name ] [ device=device ] ] [ -B ] [ -F ] [ -L ] [ -v ]


The nim_master_setup command initializes the NIM master fileset and configures the NIM environment. Once initialized, the nim_master_setup command configures the NIM environment by performing the following tasks:
  • Determines which volume group and file system will contain the NIM resources.
  • If necessary, creates the volume group and file system.
  • Creates a NIM mksysb of the master.
    • Backup image.
  • Creates a NIM lpp_source resource.
    • Source for product images.
  • Creates a NIM spot resource.
    • Shared Product Object Tree (SPOT) - equivalent to /usr file system.
  • Creates a NIM bosinst_data resource.
    • config file used during BOS installation.
  • Creates a NIM resolv_conf resource.
    • Name-server configuration file.
  • Defines a default resource group for use during install. The default resource group will contain all NIM resources defined during command execution.
  • Copies a sample client.defs configuration file into the defined NIM file system.
    • Sample file which may be edited for adding clients in the NIM environment.


Item Description
-a Assigns the following attribute=value pairs:
Specifies if NIM resources should be created. If set to no, NIM resources will not be created during command execution. By default, the value is yes.
Specifies the absolute path location for creating NIM resources. If fs_name does not exist, a logical volume will be created in the volume group defined from vg_name. By default, fs_name is /export/nim.
Specifies the volume group name used for creating new logical volumes. If vg_name does not exist, a volume group will be created using the physical volume (disk) defined from disk_name. By default, vg_name is rootvg.
Specifies the physical volume used when creating the vg_name volume group. If disk_name is not specified, the next available (empty) physical volume will be used.
Specifies the absolute path location for install images used during NIM master fileset installation and resource creation. By default, device is /dev/cd0.
-B Disables the creation of the backup image.
-F Disables the creation of the file system.
-L Disables the creation of the lpp_source resource.
-v Enables verbose debug output during command execution.



Exit Status

Returns zero (0) upon success.


Access Control: You must have root authority to run the nim_master_setup command.

Attention RBAC users and Trusted AIX® users: This command can perform privileged operations. Only privileged users can run privileged operations. For more information about authorizations and privileges, see Privileged Command Database in Security. For a list of privileges and the authorizations associated with this command, see the lssecattr command or the getcmdattr subcommand.


  1. To install the NIM master fileset and initialize the NIM environment using install media located in device /dev/cd1, type:
    nim_master_setup -a device=/dev/cd1
  2. To initialize the NIM environment without creating NIM install resources, type:
    nim_master_setup -a mk_resource=no
  3. To initialize the NIM environment, create NIM install resources without creating a backup image, using install media located under mount point /cdrom, type:
    nim_master_setup -a device=/cdrom -B
  4. To define NIM resources in an existing NIM environment, using install media located in device /dev/cd0, and create a new file system named /export/resources/NIM under volume group nimvg, type:
    nim_master_setup -a volume_group=nimvg  \
                 -a file_system=/export/resources/NIM
Note: If the file system /export/resources/NIM does not currently exist, then it will be created under the volume group nimvg. If the nimvg volume group does not exist, it will be created using the next empty physical volume (disk) since the disk attribute was not specified.


Item Description
/etc/niminfo Contains variables used by NIM.
/var/adm/ras/nim.setup Contains log information from command execution.