Uninstalling a InstallShield MultiPlatform product

You uninstall an ISMP product using SMIT, the geninstall command, or the files provided by the product's developer.

  • You can use the SMIT remove fast path to uninstall an ISMP-packaged product. If you use the F4 key to list the installed software for the SOFTWARE to remove field, the ISMP-packaged product is displayed in the list. You can also type the name of the product in the field.

    By default, uninstallation processes performed in SMIT are silent or nonprompted. To perform an interactive uninstallation, use the geninstall command, or the instructions provided with the product documentation.

    In SMIT, the preview option is not available for the ISMP product uninstallation procedure. If you attempt to preview the uninstallation, a message instructs you to launch an interactive uninstallation using the command line. This allows you to view the pre-unstallation summary panel before completing the product uninstallation.

  • You can use the Software Application to uninstall ISMP-packaged products.
    Note: If you select the preview option, but proceed through the entire uninstallation wizard, the product is un-installed. Most ISMP products include a pre-uninstallation summary panel that provides preview information about the uninstallation. If you do not want to proceed with the installation after viewing this information, press the CANCEL button to exit the wizard.
  • You can use the geninstall command to perform an uninstallation for an ISMP-packaged product. To perform the uninstallation interactively, specify the -u flag for uninstallation, and the product name. For example, to uninstall the MyProduct product, type the following:
     /usr/sbin/geninstall -u J:MyProduct

    To speed processing, use the J: prefix to inform the geninstall command that you are un-installing an ISMP-packaged product.

    To perform a silent or nonprompted uninstallation with the geninstall command, use the -Z flag, as follows:
     /usr/sbin/geninstall -Zu J:MyProduct
  • You can use installation files provided by the product developer to uninstall an ISMP-packaged product. The product developer might provide instructions for performing an ISMP-packaged product uninstallation. For more information, see the documentation provided with the ISMP product.