Remove disk reservations

If the disk you select to install to, is reserved by another system, the reservation can be removed.

The check for reservations is run only on disks you select to install, and if the reservation exists, an informational message is provided. During a non-prompted install if a reservation is detected on a selected disk the installation is changed to prompted, with an informational message.

How to use the Remove disk reservations menu

The Remove disk reservations menus can be accessed from the Make Additional Disks Available choice on the main menu of the Base Operating System menus. These menus are available for network installations and DVD installations only. When you are starting the system from a system backup tape, and must remove a disk reservation, select option 3 Start Maintenance Mode for System Recovery and then option 3 Access Advanced Maintenance Functions. The devrsrv command can be run at the shell prompt to remove and query disk reservations.

To access the Remove disk reservations menus, complete the following steps:

  1. From the base operating system (BOS) menus, select Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance.
  2. Choose the Make Additional Disks Available option
  3. Choose the Remove disk reservation option to access the SMIT interface to query and remove a reservation on a disk.
  4. When you select the disk for the action, be sure to compare the world wide name and LUN ID, during the restart from installation media, the disk numbering may change.
  5. After the action is complete select F10 to exit back to BOS Menus.
  6. Select Change/Show Installation Settings and Install to confirm your disk selection, and continue the installation.