/etc/filesystems file and /etc/fstab file

4.3 BSD systems store lists of block devices and mount points in the /etc/fstab file. SVR4 systems store block devices and mount point information in /etc/vfstab file. AIX® stores block device and mount points information in /etc/filesystems file.

The crfs, chfs, and rmfs commands update the /etc/filesystems file.

4.3 BSD system administrators might be interested in the check variable in the /etc/filesystems file. The check variable can be set to the value True, False, or to a number. For example, you can specify check=2 in the /etc/filesystems file. The number specifies the pass of the fsck command that will check this file system. The check parameter corresponds to the fifth field in an /etc/fstab file record.

There is no dump frequency parameter in the /etc/filesystems file.