Fine-tuning the Workload Manager configuration

Monitor the system using the wlmstat command and verify that the regulation done by WLM aligns with your goals and does not unduly deprive some applications of resources while others get more than they should. If this is the case, adjust the shares and refresh WLM.

As you monitor and adjust the shares, limits, and tier numbers, decide whether you want to delegate the administration for the subclasses for some or all of the super classes. The administrator can then monitor and set up the subclass shares, limits, and tier number.

The administrator of each superclass can repeat this process for the subclasses of each superclass. The only difference is that WLM cannot run in passive mode at the subclass level only. The subclass configuration and tuning has to be done with WLM in active mode. One way not to impact users and applications in the superclass is to start the tier number, and the shares and limits for the subclasses at their default value ('-' (hyphen) for shares, 0% for minimum, and 100% for soft and hard maximum). With these settings, WLM will not regulate the resource allocation between the subclasses.