Mail files and directories

Mail files and directories can be arranged by function.

Item Description
/usr/share/lib/Mail.rc Sets local system defaults for all users of the mail program. A text file you can modify to set the default characteristics of the mail command.
$HOME/.mailrc Enables the user to change the local system defaults for the mail facility.
$HOME/mbox Stores processed mail for the individual user.
/usr/bin/Mail, /usr/bin/mail, or /usr/bin/mailx Specifies three names linked to the same program. The mail program is one of the user interfaces to the mail system.
/var/spool/mail Specifies the default mail drop directory. By default, all mail is delivered to the /var/spool/mail/UserName file.
/usr/bin/bellmail Performs local mail delivery.
/usr/bin/rmail Performs remote mail interface for BNU.
/var/spool/clientmqueue Keeps the log file and temporary files that are associated with the locally generated outbound messages in the mail queue.
/var/spool/mqueue Contains the log file and temporary files associated with the messages in the mail queue.
Item Description
/usr/sbin/sendmail The sendmail command.
/usr/ucb/mailq Links to the /usr/sbin/sendmail. Using mailq is equivalent to using the /usr/sbin/sendmail -bp command.
/usr/ucb/newaliases Links to the /usr/sbin/sendmail file. Using newaliases is equivalent to using the /usr/sbin/sendmail -bi command.
/etc/netsvc.conf Specifies the ordering of certain name resolution services.
/usr/sbin/mailstats Formats and prints the sendmail statistics as found in the /etc/ file if it exists. The /etc/ file is the default, but you can specify an alternative file.
/etc/mail/aliases Describes a text version of the aliases file for the sendmail command. You can edit this file to create, modify, or delete aliases for your system.
/etc/aliasesDB Describes a directory containing the aliases database files, DB.dir and DB.pag, that are created from the /etc/mail/aliases file when you run the sendmail -bi command.
/etc/mail/ Contains the sendmail configuration information in text form. Edit the file to change this information.
/usr/lib/smdemon.cleanu Specifies a shell file that runs the mail queue and maintains the sendmail log files in the /var/spool/mqueue directory.
/etc/mail/statistics Collects statistics about mail traffic. This file does not grow. Use the /usr/sbin/mailstats command to display the contents of this file. Delete this file if you do not want to collect this information.
/var/spool/clientmqueue Describes a directory containing the temporary files, which contains the locally generated outbound email, in the mail queue. Examples of temporary files include system emails.
/var/spool/mqueue Describes a directory containing the temporary files associated with each message in the queue. The directory can contain the log file.
/var/spool/cron/crontabs Describes a directory containing files that the cron daemon reads to determine which jobs to start. The root file contains a line to start the smdemon.cleanu shell script.