Device location codes

The location code is a path from the CPU drawer or system unit through the adapter, signal cables, and the asynchronous distribution box (if there is one) to the device or workstation. This code is another way of identifying physical devices.

The location code consists of up to four fields of information depending on the type of device. These fields represent drawer, slot, connector, and port. Each of these fields consists of two characters.

The location code of a drawer consists of only the drawer field and is simply a two-character code. The location code of an adapter consists of the drawer and slot fields and has the format AA-BB, where AA corresponds to the drawer location and BB indicates the bus and slot that contains the adapter. Other devices have location codes of formats AA-BB-CC or AA-BB-CC-DD, where AA-BB is the location code of the adapter to which the device is connected, CC corresponds to the connector on the adapter to which the device is connected, and DD corresponds to a port number or SCSI device address.