Cabling a SCSI device as an MPIO device

A SCSI device can be supported by a maximum of two adapters when configured as a MPIO-capable device.

To cable a parallel SCSI device as an MPIO device, use the following simple configuration as an example. The following is the minimum configuration that must be done; your device might require additional configuration.

  1. With the power off, install two SCSI adapters.
  2. Cable the device to both SCSI adapters.
  3. Power on the system.
  4. Change the settings on one of the adapters to a unique SCSI ID. By default, SCSI adapters have a SCSI ID of 7. Because each ID must be unique, change one adapter to another number, for example, 6.
  5. Run the cfgmgr command.
  6. To verify the configuration, type the following on the command line:
    lspath -l hdiskX
    where X is the logical number of the newly configured device. The command output should display two paths and their status.
Figure 1. Cable Configuration for MPIO SCSI Device
Shows the cable configuration for two SCSI adapters (ID=7 and ID=6) to the same device.
This illustration shows cabling two SCSI adapters to the same device.