Forwarding selected messages from within the mailbox

Use this procedure to forward specific mail messages within the mailbox.

To forward specific mail messages:

  1. Create a new message by using the m subcommand and specify a recipient by typing the following at the mailbox prompt:
    m User@Host
    where User refers to the login name of another user, and Host is the name of the user's system. If the user is on your system, you can omit the @Host part of the address.
  2. Type a subject name at the Subject: prompt.
  3. To specify the number of the mail message to be forwarded, type:
    ~f MessageNumber


    ~m MessageNumber

    MessageNumber identifies the piece of mail to forward.

    The mail command displays a message similar to the following:

    Interpolating: 1
  4. To exit mail, type a period (.) on a blank line. At the Cc: prompt, type any additional names to whom you wish to forward a mail message.