.forward files

The .forward file contains the network address or addresses that will receive your forwarded network mail.

Addresses must take the form of User@Host. User refers to the login name of another user, and Host is the name of the user's system. If the user is on your system, you can omit the @Host part of the address. You can use the cat command to create a .forward file as follows:

cat > .forward
[END OF FILE] represents the end of file character, which is the Ctrl-D key sequence on most terminals. This must be typed on a blank line.

The .forward file contains the addresses of the users you want your mail forwarded to. Your mail will be forwarded to mark on your local system, and to joe on system saturn.

This file must contain valid addresses. If it is a null file (zero length), your mail is not forwarded and is stored in your mailbox.

Note: You will not receive any mail until you delete the .forward file.