Addressing mail

Mail is sent to a user's address. The address, containing the login name and system name, directs the delivery of the mail message.

Generally, to send a message to another user, you must enter the mail command and the address as follows:
mail User@Address
The format of the Address parameter depends upon the location of the recipient. The concept is similar to how you might address a note to a fellow worker in an office. To send a note to Ryan, who works in a small department of six to eight people, you might write the name on an envelope and put it in the office mail system. However, if Ryan is in another department, you might have to provide more information on the envelope:
If Ryan is in another geographic location, you might need even more information to ensure that the message reaches him:
To send mail electronically, use a similar addressing progression:
Item Description
mail ryan To send mail to a user on your local system, the login name is the only part of the address required.
mail ryan@tybalt To send mail to a user on your local network, enter the full system (node) address.
mail To send mail to a user on another connected network, enter the full system address and network address.
mail dept71 You can send mail to a specific group of people by using an alias or distribution list. To do so, you must create an alias or distribution list in your .mailrc file. If you need information on creating aliases, see Aliases and distribution lists.