Operating NIM on client machines

There are unique operations to initialize the different client configurations. NIM checks that the operation is a valid operation for a specific client configuration.

The following table shows the operations that can be performed on the different client configuration types.

Table 1. Machine Configuration
NIM Operation Standalone Diskless Dataless WPAR
bos_inst x      
dkls_init   x    
dtls_init     x  
diag x x x  
cust x     x
fix_query x     x
lppchk x     x
maint x     x
maint_boot x      
reset x x x x
check x x x x
showlog x x x x
reboot x x x x
activate       x
chwpar       x
create       x
deactivate       x
destroy       x
lswpar x     x
syncwpar x     x