Initializing and booting a diskless or dataless machine using SMIT

Follow this procedure for initializing and booting a diskless or dataless machine using SMIT.

  1. On the NIM master, enter the smit nim_dd_init fast path.
  2. Select the client to be initialized from the list of clients displayed on your screen.
  3. Supply the values for the required fields. Use the help information and the LIST option to help you specify the correct values for the initialization options.
  4. After completion of the initialization operation, boot the client machine over the network. If you are booting from a network device, follow the procedures in your hardware documentation to perform the network boot.
    Note: On older model rspc systems, it may be necessary to permanently set the bootlist from the firmware menus to make the client always boot over the network. For other systems, the bootlist is automatically set the first time the machine is booted as a diskless/dataless client.
  5. After the client boots over the network and performs some initialization, the client will display instructions for you to select the console for the machine.