Using required adapter attributes

The following attributes are required for configuring adapters.

machine_type = secondary | etherchannel | install
Specifying the machine_type attribute as secondary clearly distinguishes the nimadapters input from nimdef input. If a secondary adapter's file is mistakenly passed to the nimdef command, the error can be detected. Stanzas with a machine_type of install are ignored.
Specifies the network address for the secondary adapter.
interface_type = en | et | sn | ml |vi
Specifies the type of network interface. The network interface can be en (ethernet interface), et (ethernet interface), sn (switch network interface), ml (multi-link interface), or vi (virtual interface). This attribute replaces the deprecated network_type attribute.
Specifies the subnet mask used by the secondary adapter.
Note: Configuring a secondary adapter on the same subnet as another adapter does not provide failover. Packets alternate between adapters when they are configured on the same subnet. If one of the adapters fails, the other adapter will not take over the failed adapter's workload, and the subnet will have connectivity problems. Commands, such as mount, might fail if this occurs.