Optional products and service updates

After the base operating system (BOS) is installed, you might want to install optional software or service updates.

Note: The cdromd CD and DVD automount facility, which is included in the bos.cdmount fileset, is provided in AIX®. To determine if the cdromd daemon is enabled on your system, run the following command:
# lssrc -s cdromd
The cdromd daemon can interfere with scripts, applications, or instructions that attempt to mount the CD or DVD device without first checking to see if the device is already enabled. A resource or device busy error occurs in such a condition. Use the cdumount or cdeject command to unmount the device. Then mount the device as specified in the program or instructions. Alternatively, use the cdcheck -m or mount command to determine the current mount point of the device.
The installation code allows for this automatic mounting. If cdromd is enabled and the mkcd command is run, the CD-R or DVD-RAM is ejected after the image is completed. If you do not want to have the media ejected, then the cdromd daemon must be put in the inoperative state with the following command:
# stopsrc -s cdromd