USIL connector ODM class object

The USIL connector Object Data Manager (ODM) class object resides in the /etc/objrepos/usilc directory and contains data that links the default Software Vital Product Data (SWVPD) with all USIL instances.

The following is the object class that is contained in the swvpd.cre file:
/*  User Install Location Connector                                    */
/*  Connects the default install path to all relocated install paths.  */
class   usilc {
        vchar   path[1024];       /* USIL path     */
        vchar   comments[2048];   /* USIL Comments */
        long    flags;            /* USIL flags    */ 
Note: The current SWVPD object classes include the following: product, lpp, inventory, history, fix, vendor, and lag.