Preparing for an alternate disk migration

These are the requirements for an alternate disk migration installation.

  1. The NIM master must have the same level of bos.alt_disk_install.rte installed in its rootvg and the SPOT which is used to perform the migration.
    Note: It is not necessary to install the alt_disk_install utilities on the client
  2. The selected lpp_source NIM resource, and selected SPOT NIM resource must match the AIX® level to which you are migrating.
  3. The NIM master must be at the same or higher AIX level then the level being migrated to.
  4. The client or the system to be migrated, must be at a prior version or release of AIX, than the level being migrated to.
  5. The client must have a disk large enough to clone the rootvg and approximately an additional 500 Megs of free space for the migration. The total amount of required space depends on original system configuration and nimadm customization.
  6. The target client must be a registered with the master as a stand alone NIM client.
  7. Beginning with AIX 61TL 8 and AIX 71 TL2, the NIM client can be configured to communicated with the NIM master using NIMSH for alternate disk migration. The NIM master must be able to execute remote commands on the client using the rshd or the NIMSH protocol.
  8. The NIM master and client must both have a minimum of 4 GB memory.
  9. A reliable network, which can facilitate large amounts of NFS traffic, must exist between the NIM master and the client. The NIM master and client must be able to perform NFS mounts and read/write operations.
  10. The client's hardware and software must support the AIX level that is being migrated to and meet all other conventional migration requirements.
  11. The application servers, such as DB2 and LDAP, must be stopped before you run the clone rootvg command. Otherwise, the application servers do not start normally after the clone rootvg command has finished processing.
Note: If you cannot meet the alternate disk migration installation requirements 1-10, perform a conventional migration. For information on the conventional migration installation method, see Migrating AIX. If you cannot meet requirement 11, no migration installation is possible.

Before performing an alternate disk migration installation, you are required to agree to all software license agreements for software to be installed. You can do this by specifying the -Y flag as an argument to the alternate disk migration command or setting the ADM_ACCEPT_LICENSES environment variable to yes.