IBM Hyperconverged Systems

AIX on IBM Hyperconverged Systems that are powered by Nutanix provides simplified management through a hyperconverged infrastructure.

You can run AIX Version 7.2.2 with Service Pack 2, or later, with APAR IJ05283 and APAR IJ06373 on IBM Hyperconverged Systems with POWER8 based CS821 and CS822 nodes.

AIX Version 7.2.2 with Service Pack 2, or later, runs fully virtualized on the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor and the corresponding virtual machine (VM) lifecycle is managed by the Nutanix PRISM graphical user interface (GUI). IBM Hyperconverged Systems support is integrated into the same version of the AIX 7.2.2 operating system that runs on IBM PowerVM platforms. IBM Hyperconverged Systems are binary compatible with the AIX operating system running on PowerVM per the AIX binary compatibility guarantee.

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