Sample customizing script

This customizing script configures the target's TCP/IP domain name resolution and routing.

The resolv_conf resource should be used when installing clients running the latest version of AIX®.

#!/bin/ksh  CUSTOMIZING SCRIPT to set the hostname,
#             establish the nameserver and DNS domain name,
#             and configure the routing table for the
#             target standalone client

# Truncate the host name
# if the host name is set to the fully qualified host name
#NOTE: This procedure will NOT result in a truncated host name if
#the bos installation operation is installing a mksysb image
#(ie. -a source=mksysb) unless the bos_inst operation is
#instructed not to configure the target as a NIM client upon
#completion (ie. unless -a no_nim_client=yes is specified)
chdev -l inet0 -a hostname =$(/usr/bin/hostname | cut -d. -f1)
# Set Name server and Domain Name

if [[ -f /etc/resolv.conf ]]
   /usr/sbin/namerslv -E '/etc/'
/usr/sbin/namerslv -a -i ''
/usr/sbin/namerslv -c ''

# Flush routing table and add default route

/etc/route -n -f
odmdelete -o CuAt -q "name=inet0 and attribute=route"
chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,,'0',''