Receiving a file with the uupick command

Use the uupick command to receive a file.

For example:
The uupick command searches the public directory for files that include the remote user ID in the path names. The uupick command then displays on the remote screen a message similar to:
from system base: file file1?

The ? (question mark) on the second line of the notification display prompts the receiver to use any uupick options for handling files in BNU's public directory.

For a list of all available options, type an asterisk (*) on the line below the question mark (?) prompt. The display, save, and quit options are:

Item Description
p Displays the contents of the file.
m [Directory] Saves the file to the directory specified by the [Directory] variable. If no destination is given with the m option, the file is moved to the current working directory.
q Quits (exits) from the uupick file-handling process.