DHCP server-specific options

The last set of parameters to specify are server-specific options that allow the user to control the number of packet processors, how often the garbage collection threads are run, and so on.

For example, two server-specific options are:

Indicates how long an address stays in the reserved state after sending an OFFER to the DHCP client
Indicates how often the DHCP server scans through the addresses to see if there are any that have been in the reserved state longer than reservedTime.

These options are useful if you have several clients that broadcast DISCOVER messages and, either they do not broadcast their REQUEST message, or their REQUEST message gets lost in the network. Using these parameters keeps addresses from being reserved indefinitely for a noncompliant client.

Another particularly useful option is SaveInterval, which indicates how often saves occur. All server-specific options are listed in DHCP server file syntax for general server operation with the logging keywords.