Filesets and hardware needed for 64-bit mode

The kernel runs in 64-bit mode, allowing fast access to large amounts of data and efficient handling of 64-bit data types.

The base operating system 64-bit runtime fileset is bos.64bit. Installing bos.64bit also installs the /etc/methods/cfg64 file. The /etc/methods/cfg64 file is a command that enables the 64-bit runtime environment. This command is invoked by the rc.boot script during phase 3 of the boot process.

Beginning with AIX® 6.1, the 32-bit kernel has been deprecated. Installing the AIX 6.1 base operating system enables the 64-bit mode.
Note: Hardware must be 64-bit capable to run AIX 6.1. The following RS/6000® models use 604e processors and are not 64-bit capable:
  • 7025 F50 Series
  • 7026 H50 Series
  • 9076 H50 Series
  • 7043 150 Series
  • 7046 B50 Series
To verify the capability of your processor, run the following command:
/usr/sbin/prtconf -c
The prtconf command returns either 32 or 64, depending on the capability of your processor. If your system does not have the prtconf command, you can use the bootinfo command with the -y flag.