Adding a nas_filer management object to the NIM environment

Follow the instructions to add a nas_filer management object.

If you define resources on a network-attached storage (NAS) device by using the nas_filer management object, you can use those resources without changing the network information and configuration definition changes on the Shared Product Object Tree (SPOT) server. To add a nas_filer object, the dsm.core fileset must be installed on the NIM master.

To add a nas_filer object from the command line, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an encrypted password file that contains the login ID and related password on the NIM master to access the nas_filer object. The encrypted password file must be created by using the dpasswd command from the dsm.core fileset. If you do not want the password to be displayed in clear text, exclude the -P parameter. The dpasswd command prompts for the password. Use the following command as an example:
    # dpasswd -f EncryptedPasswordFilePath -U nas_filerLogin -P nas_filerPassword
  2. Pass the encrypted password file in the passwd_file attribute by using the define command of the nas_filer object. Use the following command as an example:
    # nim -o define -t nas_filer -a passwd_file=EncryptedPasswordFilePath \
    -a if1=InterfaceDescription \
    -a net_definition=DefinitionName \
  3. If the network object that describes the network mask and the gateway that is used by the nas_filer object does not exist, use the net_definition attribute. After you remove the nas_filer objects, the file that is specified by the passwd_file attribute must be removed manually.


To add a nas_filer object that has the host name nf1 and the following configuration:
host name=nf1
password file path=/etc/ibm/sysmgt/dsm/config/nf1
network type=ethernet
subnet mask=
default gateway=gw1
default gateway used by NIM master=gw_maste, enter the following command:
# nim -o define -t nas_filer -a passwd_file=/etc/ibm/sysmgt/dsm/config/nf1 \
-a if1="find_net nf1 0" \
-a net_definition="ent gw1 gw_master" nf1
For more information about adding a nas_filer object, see the technical note that is included in the dsm.core fileset (/opt/ibm/sysmgt/dsm/doc/dsm_tech_note.pdf).