Adding CEC management objects to the NIM environment

Follow the instructions to add a Central Electronic Complex management object.

A Central Electronic Complex (CEC) object is managed by a Hardware Management Console (HMC), which requires the dsm.core fileset to be installed on the NIM master.

To define a CEC object, the CEC type, model, and serial number must be retrieved. You can use one of the following method to obtain the required information.
Note: The following methods describe the procedure to add a CEC object from the command line:
  • Method 1: Use the nimquery command to retrieve information and define the CEC objects. If the HMC object is defined in NIM and the openssh.base.client fileset is installed, you can use the nimquery command to define the CEC managed by a given HMC. On the NIM master, type the following command:
    # nimquery -a hmc=hcmObjectName -d

    The name of each NIM CEC object that is defined by the nimquery command is in the form: cec_type cec_model_cec_serial_number

  • Method 2: Use the nimquery command to retrieve the information that is required to define the CEC object. On the NIM master, type:
    # nimquery -a hmc=hcmObjectName -p

    The CEC object is defined on the output.

  • Method 3: Log in to the HMC object and use the lssyscfg command to retrieve the CEC information. On the NIM master, type:
    # ssh hmcLogin@hmcHost lssyscfg -r sys -F name,type_model,serial_num

Defining CEC object

When you use any of these methods to define a CEC object, follow these steps:

For Method 1, the CEC object is defined by the nimquery command.

For Method 2 and Method 3, retrieve the information from the CEC and type the following command on the NIM master:
# nim -o define -t cec -a hw_serial=cecSerialNumber \
-a hw_type=cecType -a hw_model=cecModel \
-a mgmt_source=hmcObject cecName


To add the CEC object with HMC name hmc1 that has the following configuration:

cec object name=cec1
hmc object name=hmc1
cec type=9115
cec model=505
cec serial number=10069DA
Enter the following command:
# nim -o define -t cec -a hw_serial=10069DA \
-a hw_type=9115 -a hw_model=505 \
-a mgmt_source=hmc1 cec1