<SubCat> element

The <SubCat> element provides a means to create logical subcategories under a <Catalog> element.


Parent element: <Catalog>, <SubCat>

The following attributes are supported:

Table 1. Attributes
Attribute Required Type Description
id yes string Specifies the subcategory name. This name should be unique within a same <Catalog> element.

The following child elements are supported

Table 2. Child Elements
Child element Required Number Description
<Parameter> no 0 – any Contains a parameter name.
<SubCat> no 0 – any Nested subcategory


The id attribute uniquely identifies a subcategory within a catalog. A profile may include several subcategories with the same id, provided that these are not used under the same <Catalog> element.

Child elements

A <SubCat> element may have another <SubCat> as a child element. There is no limit to the number of nested subcategories you can define.


Subcategories are only included for readability. They do not affect the way parameters are handled.


The noProfile.xml profile includes several subcategories. Following is an example:

<Profile origin="reference" readOnly="true" version="2.0.0">
  <Catalog id="noParam" version="2.0">
    <SubCat id="general_network"
      <Parameter name="fasttimo"/>
      <Parameter name="nbc_limit"/>
    <SubCat id="tcp_network">
      <Parameter name="clean_partial_conns"/>
      <Parameter name="delayack"/>
    <SubCat id="restricted">
      <Parameter name="extendednetstats" readOnly="true"/>
      <Parameter name="inet_stack_size" readOnly="true"/>

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