<Diff> element

The <Diff> element defines how to build a command line to compare two values of a parameter.


Parent element: <CfgMethod>, <ParameterDef>

The following child elements are supported:

Table 1. Child elements
Child elements Required Description
<Command> no Command
<Argument> no Command-line arguments
<Stdin> no Stdin arguments
<Filter> no Filter
<Mask> no Output capturing mask
Note: The <Command> element must be defined for each parameter, either at the <CfgMethod> level or directly at the <ParameterDef> level.


The <Diff> element is usually not required, since the framework knows how to compare two parameter values internally based on the type (string, integer, integer-bi, binary, etc.). However, in case the internal comparison is not adapted for a particular parameter, it is possible to use an external command instead.


The following <Diff> element can be used for most parameters, even though using the internal comparison function is more efficient. The <Diff> element uses the diff command to compare two files that contains the two values:

  <Command>/usr/bin/diff %f1 %f2; echo $?</Command>

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