Defining an lpp_source on CD/DVD-ROM versus hard disk from the command line

Follow this procedure for defining an lpp_source on a CD/DVD-ROM versus a disk from the command line.

  1. Mount the CD/DVD as a CDROM file system. The installation images can be found in the /usr/sys/inst.images directory under the mount point of the CDROM file system.
  2. Define the lpp_source using the directory of install images for the location attribute. Do not specify a value for the source attribute, since an existing set of images will be used. With the CD/DVD mounted at /cdfs on the NIM master, to define an lpp_source named cd_images, enter:
    nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master \
    -a location=/cdfs/usr/sys/inst.images cd_images