Using the iSCSI configuration menus

The iSCSI configuration menus can be accessed from the “ Make Additional Disks Available” choice on the main menu of the Base Operating System menus.

To access the iSCSI configuration menus, perform the following steps:
  1. From the base operating system (BOS) menus, select Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance.
  2. Choose the Make Additional Disks Available option.
  3. Choose the Configure Network Disks (iSCSI) option to load the iSCSI configuration menus.
  4. At the Configure iSCSI SMIT menu, select the iSCSI Configuration option.
  5. Enter the iSCSI parameters and press Enter.

    After the menu is submitted, you can see the output from the configuration commands, as well as output listing the iSCSI disks that have successfully been configured.

  6. If the correct iSCSI disks have been configured, proceed to BOS installation by pressing F10 to exit to BOS menus.
  7. Select Change/Show Installation Settings and Install to select the iSCSI disks for installation.