Command summary for file systems and directories

The following are commands for file systems and directories, commands for directory-handling procedures, and a list of directory abbreviations.

Table 1. Command summary for file systems
Item Description
df Reports information about space on file systems.
Table 2. Directory abbreviations
Item Description
. The current working directory.
.. The directory above the current working directory (the parent directory).
~ Your home directory. (This is not true for the Bourne shell. For more information, see Bourne Shell.)
$HOME Your home directory. (This is true for all shells.)
Table 3. Command summary for directory-handling procedures
Item Description
cd Changes the current directory.
cp Copies files or directories.
dircmp Compares two directories and the contents of their common files.
ls Displays the contents of a directory.
mkdir Creates one or more new directories.
mvdir Moves (renames) a directory.
pwd Displays the path name of the working directory.
rmdir Removes a directory.