Process accounting data

The Accounting system collects data on resource usage for each process as it runs.

This data includes:

  • The user and group numbers under which the process runs
  • The first eight characters of the name of the command
  • A 64-bit numeric key representing the Workload Manager class that the process belongs to
  • The elapsed time and processor time used by the process
  • Memory use
  • The number of characters transferred
  • The number of disk blocks read or written on behalf of the process

The accton command records these data in a specified file, usually the /var/adm/pacct file. For more information about the accton command, see accton.

Related commands are the startup command, the shutacct command, the dodisk command, the ckpacct command, and the turnacct command. For information about these commands, see startup, shutacct, dodisk, ckpacct, and turnacct.