Disk-usage accounting data

Much accounting information is collected as the resources are consumed. The dodisk command, run as specified by the cron daemon, periodically writes disk-usage records for each user to the /var/adm/acct/nite(x)/dacct file.

To accomplish this, the dodisk command calls other commands. Depending upon the thoroughness of the accounting search, the diskusg command or the acctdusg command can be used to collect data. The acctdisk command is used to write a total accounting record. The total accounting record, in turn, is used by the acctmerg command to prepare the daily accounting report.

The dodisk command charges a user for the links to files found in the user's login directory and evenly divides the charge for each file between the links. This distributes the cost of using a file over all who use it and removes the charges from users when they relinquish access to a file. For more information about the dodisk command and cron daemon, see dodisk and cron.