Configuring the gated daemon to run IPv6

Use this procedure to configure the gated daemon to run Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

To configure the gated daemon to run under Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), first ensure that your system has been configured for IPv6 and IPv6 routing:

  1. Run autoconf6 to automatically configure your interfaces for IPv6.
  2. Configure site local addresses for each IPv6 interface on which you want to use IPv6 routing using the following command:
    ifconfig interface inet6 fec0:n::address/64 alias


    Is the name of the interface, such as tr0 or en0.
    Is any decimal number; for example, 11
    Is the portion of the IPv6 interface address that follows the double colons; for example, given the IPv6 address fe80::204:acff:fe86:298d, the address entry would be 204:acff:fe86:298d.
    Note: You can use the command netstat -i to see what your IPv6 address is for each configured interface.

    If token ring tr0 has an IPv6 address of fe80::204:acff:fe86:298d, you issue the following command:

    ifconfig tr0 inet6 fec0:13::204:acff:fe86:298d/64 alias
  3. Turn on IPv6 forwarding with the following command:
    no -o ip6forwarding=1
  4. Start ndpd-router with the following command:
    ndpd-router -g

    Starting ndpd-router allows your system to act as a router for the Neighbor Discovery Protocol. Neighbor Discovery Protocol routers inform Neighbor Discovery hosts with routing information so hosts can route IPv6 packets.

    Any hosts on the network that you want to be part of the IPv6 network must run ndpd-host. Hosts on the network that run ndpd-host will recognize themselves as part of an IPv6 network and use Neighbor Discovery Protocol, which allows them to determine and monitor link-layer addresses both to allow neighbor routing and to find neighboring routers for forwarding packets.

  5. Next, configure the gated daemon:
    1. Decide which IPv6 gateway protocols are most appropriate for your system.
      The choices for IPv6 routing protocols are Border Gateway Protocol enhanced for IPv6 (BGP4+) and Routing Information Protocol Next Generation (RIPng).
    2. Edit the /etc/gated.conf file to reflect the desired gated daemon configuration.
      Note: AIX® 4.3.2 and later run gated version 3.5.9. The syntax of the gated.conf file has changed slightly from earlier versions. Read the gated.conf documentation in in Files Reference, or use the sample file that is shipped in the /usr/sample/tcpip directory for correct syntax.

      When configuring BGP4+ or RIPng, use IPv6 addresses in which the syntax specifies an IP address.

      Note: By default, RIPng multicasts its packets.

After the /etc/gated.conf file has been modified, the gated daemon can be started.