Changing the default font (chfont command)

To change the default font at system startup, use the chfont or smit command. A font palette is a file that the system uses to define and identify the fonts it has available.

Note: To run the chfont command, you must have root authority.
chfont command
See the following examples on how to use the chfont command:
  • To change the active font to the fifth font in the font palette, type the following:
    chfont -a5
  • To change the font to an italic, roman, and bold face of the same size, type the following:
    chfont -n /usr/lpp/fonts/It114.snf /usr/lpp/fonts/Bld14.snf  /usr/lpp/fonts/Rom14.snf
smit command

The chfont command can also be run using smit.

To select the active font, type the following:
smit chfont
To select the font palette, type the following:
smit chfontpl