Using concurrency control from the command line

The concurrent and time_limit attributes can be used in conjunction with the bos_inst, cust and alt_disk_install operations.

For example, to have the fileset installed on only five machines from the client group tmp_grp at one time, enter the following command:
nim -o cust -a lpp_source=lpp_source1 -a \
-a concurrent=5 tmp_grp
In this example, to BOS install only 10 clients from tmp_grp, using lpp_source, lpp_source1, and SPOT, spot1, with no other installs permitted after three hours have elapsed, enter the following command:
nim -o bos_inst -a lpp_source=lpp_source1 -a spot=spot1 \
-a concurrent=10 -a time_limit=3 tmp_grp
Note: The concurrency controlled operation can complete and leave the group in one of the following states:
  • All machines install successfully.
  • Some machines may fail the installation.
  • If the time_limit attribute was used, time may have expired before the installation operation was complete.

In the first situation, the group will revert to the state prior to the operation. In the second and third situations, the group will be left in a state that indicates some machines have completed and some have not. Problems with failing machines should be investigated. At this point, the user can continue with the machines that did not complete by rerunning the command on the group. Alternatively, the user can "reset" the group, which will set the group back to its state prior to the concurrency controlled operation.