Introduction to AIX for BSD system managers

The following are tips to help Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) system managers get started managing AIX®.

  • Start by logging in as root at the graphics console.
  • Perform system management from the system console until you become experienced with the system. It is easier to work from the system console than a remote terminal. Once you are experienced with the system, you can work remotely from an xterm or an ASCII terminal.
  • Take advantage of the several AIX facilities for system management tasks. They include:
    • System Management Interface Tool (SMIT). SMIT provides an interface between system managers and configuration and management commands. SMIT can help system managers perform most system administration tasks.
    • The Object Data Manager (ODM). The ODM provides routines that access objects from the ODM databases. The ODM databases contain device configuration information
    • The System Resource Controller (SRC). The SRC provides access and control of daemons and other system resources through a single interface.