Geographic Logical Volume Manager

Geographic Logical Volume Manager (GLVM) allows you to maintain a mirror copy of your data at a geographically distant location.

GLVM can help protect your business from a disaster by mirroring critical data to a remote disaster recovery site. If a disaster, such as a fire or flood, were to destroy the data at your production site, you would have a backup copy of the data at your disaster recovery site.

The data is mirrored over standard TCP/IP networks. The production and disaster recovery sites need not be on the same physical network. Routers and gateways can be used between the two sites. Instead of extremely long disk cables, the TCP/IP network and the Remote Physical Volume (RPV) device driver are used for remote disk access.

The user configures geographically distant disks as remote physical volumes and then combines those remote physical volumes with local physical volumes to form geographically mirrored volume groups. These volume groups are managed by Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and work similar to the generic volume groups. GLVM supports both synchronous and asynchronous remote mirroring.